Private Placement Memorandum


 In many cases, banks,  direct lenders, or even the much sought after  “hard money” private party lenders just cannot match up to the real  needs of a lot of borrowers for worthy projects  in today’s lending environment.

Creative Hard Money, LLC working in concert with  specialized partners in multiple capacities, can  prepare an attorney-drafted, fully SEC & SBA compliant Reg. D 506  Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) along with a Full Business Plan for a Fully-compliant Debt or Equity  Offering. to raise debt/equity capital, from  $500 K to $100 M  quickly and efficiently.

Why do you need a Private Placement Memorandum that has the required Business Plan?

  • To  raise capital though accredited investors.
  • To facilitate the funding of various projects.
  • To do a debt or an equity offering through targeted direct marketing.
  • To professionally present your company & projects to investors.
  • Large & small banks love seeing business plans.

Funding for your venture or project is based solely on the quality of your memorandum/ business plan, principal’s resume, and overall pro forma return on investment. The Private Placement Memorandum can be drafted to provide request for both debt or equity funding. Terms can be custom designed to meet both Client and Investors’ needs.