About Us


If satisfaction is what you are after, then you have come to the right place. Creative Hard Money LLC in New York and Pennsylvania is the best option for you when it comes to choosing the best business hard money rehab loans available. Our lending business has highly qualified consultants or brokers who offer their expertise on various commercial land mortgage options.

Creative Hard Money LLC is a trusted hard money rehab loan lender in New York and Pennsylvania. We aim to serve our customers and our clients and help them in dealing with their concerns on business, commercial land mortgages and hard money rehab loans; a lender with the best and most knowledgeable people to serve your mortgage and financing needs.

Our expert brokers are always available to discuss the different aspects of the transactions at our client’s most convenient time. We treat our clients in New York and Pennsylvania with utmost respect and professionalism. We aim to foster a broker-client or lender–client collaboration that will result in the most favorable outcome for the client. We prioritize our clients’ needs and ensure that the terms of any of our loans are manageable from their end. As your lender, we only want the best for our clients especially when it comes to hard money rehab loans and commercial land mortgages.

We are mortgage brokers and experts who can come up with the best commercial or hard money loans or mortgages for the different circumstances our clients present to us. As your lender, we can help you secure loans even if you do not have a perfect credit score. Our brokers will find the best loan for you in the shortest possible time without any hassle.

Whether you need a commercial or hard money mortgage, rehab loans and the like in New York and Pennsylvania, Creative Hard Money LLC is here for you, always at your service.