SBLC & Bank Guarantee loans

Loans using Stand‐by Letter of Credit (SBLC / SLC) or Bank Guarantee (BG) as collateral

Minimum loan amount = $10 Million, no max
Term = 1 year, can be renewed for an additional year
LTV = up to 80% of face value depending on collateral and issuing Bank
Interest rate and Lender points = starting at 6% + 6 points depending on collateral
All points and interest deducted from proceeds at closing
Loan Proceeds can be used to meet any legitimate & lawful project or investment objectives
Security must be able to be liened and used as collateral ‐ CANNOT lend against a Leased SBLC
Loan is Non‐recourse ‐ Must close into LLC or other corporate entity.

These other types of Financings are available as well:

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